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There is no better time than the present to take action and seek compensation if you were injured. Retain the services of Lawton Law Firm and improve your chances of receiving a maximized settlement or jury award through a verdict. Keep in mind that South Carolina’s statute of limitations on personal injury cases is already ticking and once it expires you will no longer be able to file a claim.

Verdicts, settlements, client testimonials, awards, and results are posted for informational purposes only. Future verdicts or settlements cannot necessarily be predicted from prior results. Any result the Lawton Law Firm may achieve on behalf of one client in one matter does not necessarily indicate results can be obtained for other clients. Confidential details regarding specific cases have been omitted for the protection of our clients’ identities.

    • Class Action $15 Million

      Nationwide class action lawsuit against a major credit card corporation involving employment issues.

    • PI/Trucking Accident $4.4 Million

      Client sustained brain injury from debris from over loaded tractor trailer.

    • PI/Motorcycle Accident $2 Million

      Client on motorcycle hit by car, resulting in amputated leg.

    • PI/Motorcycle/Trucking Accident $2 Million

      Client on motorcycle hit by tractor trailer, resulting in client's death.

    • Insurance Bad Faith $1.5 Million

      Disability insurance bad faith claim filed in District Court.

    • Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death $1.4 Million

      Patient died from sepsis after being seen at urgent care facility. Case also involved medical records that were altered.

    • Product Liability $1.4 Million

      Client suffered crushing injury from faulty machinery manufactured by Italian Corporation.

    • Medical Malpractice $937,500

      Client had laparoscopic gall bladder surgery (Cholecystectomy), and common bile duct was perforated during surgery.

    • Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death $850,000

      Client suffered a perforated bowel that was misdiagnosed, leading to sepsis and death.

    • PI/Premises Liability/Slip and Fall $799,517

      Resident of retirement community suffered crushed kneecap injury from motorized treadmill in exercise room.

    • Therapist Malpractice/Improper Sexual Relationship with Patient $550,000

      Sexual relationship between therapist and patient, with related boundary violations.

    • PI/Auto Accident $500,000

      Client was severely injured in autobile accident.

    • Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death $490,000

      Client underwent bariatric/obesity surgery, and doctor nicked intestine during procedure, resulting in patient's death.

    • PI/Trucking Accident $450,000

      Client hit by tractor trailer resulting in back surgery.

    • Medical Malpractice $400,000

      Client suffered severe bone infection after surgery.

    • False Credit Reporting/Slander $400,000

      Mortgate lender submitted false information on client's credit report.

    • Negligence/Workplace injury $400,000

      Client sustained a crushing injury at the workplace from machine installed without a safety device.

    • Medical Malpractice $375,000

      Unnecessary surgery done with subsequent infection.

    • PI/Auto Accident $375,000

      Settlement for a client who was injured when an ambulance turned in front of them.

    • Worker's Compensation $332,716

      Employee suffered workplace injury with resulting death.

    • PI/Motorcycle Accident/Wrongful Death $322,000

      Client on a motorcycle hit by a car, causing client death.

    • PI/Premises Liability/Slip and Fall $300,000

      Slip and fall at hospital involving negligence by the janitorial company, with related back surgery.

    • Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death $300,000

      Patient wrongfully taken off blood thinner medication and subsequently died.

    • PI/Auto Accident $289,723

      Client was hit head-on by a car going the wrong way.

    • PI/Auto Accident $286,667

      Head on collision by a car that veered into clients' lane.

    • PI/Railroad Crossing $275,000

      Dump truck hit by train at railroad crossing.

    • PI/Trucking Accident $225,000

      Case involved negligent operation of trucking facility.

    • Nursing Home Negligence $225,000

      Nursing home case involving improper removal of feeding tube, neglect, and failure to supervise staff.

    • PI/Auto Accident $220,000

      Client was rear-ended and sustained a traumatic brain injury.

    • Medical Malpractice $200,000

      Client suffered perforated intestine during C-section.

    • Worker's Compensation $200,000

      Employee suffered major physical and emotional injuries from workplace accident.

    • PI/Auto Accident $180,000

      Minor suffered from broken legs in serious car wreck, resulting in structured settlement.

    • PI/Auto Accident $175,000

      Client was in a van that was rear-ended, resulting in neck surgery.

    • PI/Auto Accident $150,000

      Client required neck surgery after being auto accident.

    • PI/ATV Accident $150,000

      Minor was injured while riding an ATV with no supervision.

    • PI/Premises Liability/Slip and Fall $150,000

      Client slipped and fell at a restaurant.

    • PI/Premises Liability/Slip and Fall $150,000

      Patron slipped on liquid at a bar/restaurant.

    • PI/Auto Accident $118,500

      Settlement for a client involved in car wreck.

    • PI/Premises Liability/Slip and Fall $100,000

      Client fell at a party, suffering severe ankle fracture.

    • Therapist Malpractice/Improper Sexual Relationship with Patient $100,000

      Therapist had sex with patient.