How to Stay Safe as a Pedestrian


Pedestrian accidents are often severe, and victims may suffer serious and catastrophic injuries. These include multiple fractures, traumatic brain injuries, partial or full paralysis, internal organ damage, crushed limbs, and spinal cord injuries. Although pedestrians have the legal right-of-way when crossing the street or walking through a parking lot, this does not mean that cars will always stop. Sometimes, negligent, drunk, or distracted drivers may not pay attention or notice a pedestrian until it’s too late. Thus, you need to exercise caution and take steps to increase your safety.

The More Visible You Are, the Safer You Are

Poor visibility is responsible for numerous pedestrian accidents. If a driver cannot see you, he or she will be unable to avoid a collision. Especially in foggy or rainy weather, or after dark, it is important to increase your visibility to ensure drivers see you. You should wear bright-colored or reflective clothing, and always try to make eye contact with nearby drivers before crossing the street. By making yourself more visible, you can do your part to help avoid a collision.

Pedestrians Are Responsible to Obey Traffic Laws Too

Just as drivers must abide by federal and state traffic laws, you as a pedestrian must also comply with the necessary regulations. You should walk on the sidewalk and cross the street at designated locations when there is a clear “Walk” sign. If you jaywalk or cross an intersection when there is a red light, you put yourself in danger of an accident.

Drunk or Distracted Pedestrians Put Themselves at Risk

Drinking alcohol and texting are just as dangerous for pedestrians as they are for drivers. If you are distracted by a phone, you will not be able to focus on the road. This means, when crossing the street, you will be unable to avoid a collision or identify a hazardous situation. You as a pedestrian should always keep your eyes and ears focused on your surroundings.

Drinking alcohol can also put you in danger of an accident. Alcohol will impair your motor functions, and you will be unable to make quick judgments. If you go out drinking with friends, it is important to hire an Uber or to have a designated driver pick you up at the curb instead of walking to your destination. This can help keep you safe as a pedestrian.

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