Personal Injury Claim Tips


Once the process for negotiating a settlement begins to heat up in your personal injury case, it is imperative to have an effective strategy in place to obtain the most favorable outcome possible. Failing to follow any of the tips may result in a reduction in your claim or your case being thrown out entirely.

Tips for getting the best injury claim settlement possible include:

  • Have a certain amount of settlement in mind: To write you demand for settlement letter, you need to determine a range of your claim's worth. Before speaking with an insurance provider about your demand, decide on a minimum settlement figure – with the help of your attorney – within the range you would accept. If you already have your bottom line in mind, you do not have to make a rash decision if an adjuster makes you a take-it-or-leave-it offer over the phone.
  • Do not settle for the first offer. It is common for insurance companies to start negotiations by first offering a very low settlement amount or perhaps deny liability entirely. The purpose is to figure out whether you understand what your claim is worth and to see if you are impatient enough to take whatever amount of money is offered to you.
  • If an adjuster gives you a low offer, ask them to justify the amount. If the insurance provider makes an offer so low that it can be seen as a negotiation tactic to see if you know how much your claim is worth, do not immediately lower the amount you put in your demand letter. Rather, ask them to provide the specific reasons why the offer is that low. Ensure you take notes of the conversation, then write a brief letter responding to each of the factors the adjuster has discussed.
  • Mention any emotional points supporting your claim. During negotiations, emphasize emotional points in your favor. For instance, if you have sent the adjuster a photo of a destroyed vehicle or a serious-looking injury, refer to it. If there is evidence of alcohol found in the other party’s vehicle, refer to it as well. Emotional points can be a powerful tool to get an insurance company to settle an accident claim.

If you suffered an injury caused by a negligent party in South Carolina, contact our Mt. Pleasant personal injury attorney at Lawton Law Firm today.

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