Taking Photos at the Scene of the Car Accident


It’s normal to feel angry and stressed when a car accident occurs. However, we must perform the right steps in order to ensure the recovery of financial compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance. One of those steps that is crucial in regards to proper documentation is taking photos.

Fortunately, modern technology has advanced enough to have the capability of taking pictures using your cellphone. These photographs offer visual details of how the accident occurred, the individuals who caused it, and the injuries which were sustained.

The following are helpful tips for taking photos of a car accident:

  • Take pictures after the accident has happened. Make sure you check if you or any of your passengers suffered serious injuries that require immediate medical attention.

  • Don’t be afraid to take as many pictures as you need to capture damage. The more pictures you take, the more evidence you collect. Sometimes we may overlook things at the heat of the moment, but having many pictures can enable you to discover things you may not notice at first. Make sure to get pictures of the vehicles involved, the parties involved, damages, injuries, street signs, and road conditions.

  • Use various angles. We often take a photograph of one aspect of the accident and then move on to the next. However, recording from various angles gives you the entire picture.

  • Keep a record on your injuries. Document the entire recovery process of your injury in order to demonstrate the extent of harm caused due to the accident, such as the initial doctor’s visit, surgery, and rehabilitation process.

If you have been involved in a car accident in South Carolina, contact our Mt. Pleasant car accident attorney to schedule an appointment for your consultation today.

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