Steer Clear of These Summer Vacation Injuries


For many people (especially school-aged kids), summer is one of the best times of the year. The weather is warmer, the days are longer, and the opportunities for enjoyment are endless. However, many normal summer activities pose a danger to

  • Burns: Whether you’re grilling out or building a campfire, fire safety is a must. Never squirt lighter fluid onto a fire or heated coals when trying to get a flame going, and be sure to maintain a safe distance and use non-heat-conducting tools with long handles when cooking over a grill or open flame.
  • Firework injuries: An Independence Day celebration is a staple for any well-spent summer, and fireworks are a must. If you are setting off your own fireworks this year, use them with extreme caution and don’t forget to observe all local laws, keep fireworks away from grills, campfires, etc., and never aim a firework at another person or fire it out of a container. If you ignite a firework and it doesn’t go off, do not re-light it—soak it in water and throw it away.
  • Pool and waterpark injuries: Waterparks and pools have been a consistent hotbed for virtually every kind of injury and illness, from infections to broken necks. Always be aware of the depth of the pool you’re jumping into and ensure to heed No Diving warnings. Also avoid swimming with open wounds (even small ones, like scratches or insect bites), as these can become infected easily. Also be careful to follow all safety protocol when going on waterslides and be mindful of slippery surfaces in amusement parks and around swimming areas.
  • Sports injuries: Family football games, tossing a disc in the park, or even going on an evening job can lead to injury if you are not monitoring your form, water intake, and your surroundings. Competitive sports can result in serious harm such as concussions, back injuries, broken bones, and more. However, this can be largely avoided by being wary of other participants and aware of your own physical limitations.

Liability & Damages for Summer Injuries

Any of the above injuries can become very expensive very quickly, placing a heavy financial burden on you and your loved ones. In all of these common summer injuries lies the potential for you to be hurt or harmed by someone else’s negligence or failure to act responsibly, whether that “someone else” is a waterpark owner, a fellow neighborhood basketball player, or a neighbor shooting off fireworks. Should this happen to you, you may need to bring in an experienced personal injury attorney to ensure you are taken care of in the aftermath of your injury.

Compassionate, Effective Personal Injury Lawyers in Charleston & Mt. Pleasant

The Lawton Law Firm, LLC is here to help you when the cost of your negligently-inflicted injuries becomes too great to bear alone. Our firm can help you when attempts at asking the responsible party to pay your injury-related costs are ineffective, and we are prepared to negotiate and work out a solution on your behalf. You shouldn’t have to absorb the cost of your injury, and we are here to make sure you don’t.

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