Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents


When property owners carelessly and negligently maintain their premises or fail to warn guests of possible dangers, it often results in accidents which are commonly known as “slip and falls” or “trip and falls.” In most cases, victims suffer severe injuries in these accidents and are eligible to obtain compensation for these injuries in a lawsuit involving premises liability.

Here are some common types of these accidents accidents that our Mt. Pleasant personal injury attorney at Lawton Law Firm have experienced in the past:

  • Slippery, wet floors – Spills or tracked in rainfall or snow needs to be cleaned up immediately. Once floors are mopped, warning signs should be positioned near the wet floors.
  • Damaged stairs and surfaces – Property owners should never neglect loose floor tiles or floorboards, broken or loose handrails or stair treads, and torn mats or carpet. They can move under one's weight and cause him or her to fall.
  • Damaged sidewalks – Walkways which are uneven due to cracks in paving stones or gaps between sidewalk segments are considered tripping and falling risks.
  • Insufficient lighting – Insufficient lighting makes it challenging to see steps or other obstructions in the walkway. Furthermore, a rough transition from a lit room into a darkened one could result in temporary loss of vision, which can lead to a fall.
  • Cluttered floors – Whether it is equipment or trash, any debris that is left out can be a tripping hazard.

If you suffered an injury in a premises liability accident due to the negligence of a property owner or manager in SC, contact our Mt. Pleasant personal injury lawyer at Lawton Law Firm today.

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